Char’ Pit Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe, NV

Hadley- 13

The Char’ Pit at Sand Harbor State Park is a really good restaurant for being in a State Park. The service took a little long, maybe 15 minutes,  but it was not that bad of a wait.  It isn’t right on the beach, but it is very close, and you can see the water.  You can leave your things on the beach and walk there for lunch.  When you go up to order, they don’t have a lot of options.  They have burgers, ice cream, fish and chips, and also alcoholic drinks for adults.  I got the fish and chips, and they were very good considering that it was food just made right there.  The fries were also pretty good.  The best part is that you can sit outside and still enjoy the state park.  You don’t have to leave the park and pick up your stuff from the beach. I also very much enjoyed the view.  If you are ever in Lake Tahoe, I not only recommend going to Sand Harbor, but I also recommend eating at the Char’ Pit.

Wild Island Water Park — Sparks, Nevada


Wild Island Water Park is close to Reno, Nevada.  It is one of the best water parks in the state. They have a bunch of slides and pools in the area.  They have thirteen slides including the little kids slides.  When I went I rode all the slides but two – the Blackwidow and the Viper. The Viper is an almost straight down slide; it is also a body slide.  Black Widow is a tube slide, and it is close in style to the Viper – it goes striaght down then straight then down again.  My favorite slide is the Scorpion.  It looks like a giant skate ramp.  It seems scary at first, but then it is really fun.  They also have a wave pool and a lazy river.  If you are under 48 inches then in the wave pool you need to wear a life vest.  You can also buy tubes for slides.  Some rides have double tubes so you can use a two tuber with a friend.  The lazy river makes a lap around an island.  Half way through the river there is a mushroom shaped fountain.  The wave pool is a rectangular pool, and it gets deeper as you get closer to the wave mechanisim.  It gets up to eight feet deep, and it gets deeper too when the waves get going.  I recomend that you come right when it opens at 11:00 so that it not packed, but if you go later in the day it is really, really packed.  It cost $26.50 for people over 48 inches, $21.50 for kids under 48 inches, seniors citizens (60 +) are 9.00, and 3 and under are free.  They often run specials and have coupons available in area stores.  We went on a Tuesday and they had a “Two for Tuesday” special that saved our family about $15.00.

Hadley – 10

In Nevada they have a bunch of water parks, but Wild Island is the best.  Wild Island is located near Reno, Nevada.  They have a bunch of water slides my favorite is the Scorpion; it has a u type shape.  You have to use a tube for this ride and must be 42 inches tall.  The other 2 slides I rode were the Dragon’s Eye and the Dragon’s Tail.  First, the Dragon’s Eye has a toliet bowl hole in the middle, so you have to use a tube and be 48 inches tall. But, on the Dragon’s Tail you don’t use a tube; it is a body slide, and you have to be 42 inches tall.  The 2 slides I did not ride were the Black Widow.  It is a tube slide which you have to be 48 inches tall to do.  The Red Viper is the worst ride (I think).  It is a complete drop and is a body side which you have to be 48 inches tall to ride. That is why I love to go to Wild Island.

Barnett — 7

Wild Island is a water park in Sparks, Nevada – which is really next to Reno, Nevada.  They have a ton of water slides.  I started in the Little Kiddie Lagoon Pool.  There are three slides here.  You can have a tube on one of them, but you don’t have to use a tube if you don’t want to.  The other two slides are body slides.  They are too small for a tube.  The water is very shallow – like only a few inches deep.  Babies and small kids would like this area.  Next, I went to Hurricane Cove.  It is like a playground with water.  There is a bucket on top, when it gets full, it splashes down on you.  My brothers and I all liked this area.  It is mainly for kids 10 and under.  I was tall enough to ride the Scorpion.  It looks like a scary slide from the top.  You need to use a tube for this ride.  This slide sends you down a steep hill, then you slide back and forth until you stop.  I was also tall enough to ride the Dragon’s Tail slide.  You have to be 42 inches tall to ride this.  It is a body slide.  You can only go one person at a time.  It is fun and a little bit scary.  Next, I went in the lazy river.  It has a mushroom waterfall in the middle that sprays water out on you.  You can be in a tube in the lazy river if you want to.  I didn’t use a tube, but I just swam through the water.  Finally, I went in the wave pool.  Kids that are under 48 inches tall have to wear a life jacket.  You can borrow one from them, they have a bunch of them, and they don’t cost anything to borrow.  I didn’t do the other slides because you have to be 48 inches to ride them.  I am not big enough to do them.  My favorite thing was the Scorpion slide.  It was fun to slide up and down – if I were heavier I would have gone up higher and it would have been more fun.  I did not like that there was not a hot tube there.  They need a hot tub for the kids to go into.  There is a hot tub, but it is only for older people.  It is near a bar for adults – not for kids.  I liked the water park and you will too.


The Scorpion Waterslide


Lots of Slides to Choose From


The Wave Pool


Water Playground


Little Kids Slides


Pine Lake


Pine Lake is an awesome lake. My favorite thing to do there is the ten foot high dive. They also have a 20 and a 30 foot high dive there too. The 30 foot dive is really high and scary. The 20 foot is okay; I’ve gone on it before. They have a cable ride too. It is really similar to a zipline. At the end of the ride there is a tire, and you hit it and fall off into the water. They also have seven other slides. Three of the slides are for smaller kids. The four slides that are for bigger kids are fun. They have two racing slides, one mat slide, and one enclosed body slide. They also have a water teeter-totter. On the teeter-totter you rock back in forth until someone falls off or you get tired of rocking back in forth in the water. My second favorite thing is the bobber. It is a buoy with a bird nest on top of it. You rock back and forth until you hit the water or jump off. They also have a beach. It is meduim sized. You can play volleyball on it. They also have a play area for babies/ tiny kids to play on. There is a huge bucket that fills with water, and then it dumps it on you. They also have a playland under the bucket for little kids to climb on and play on. The times and hours are Monday-Saturday  10:oo AM – 8:oo PM  Sunday 12:00 PM – 8:oo PM. The prices are ages 4-9 $6.00 and ages 10 and up is $7.00. Plus if you have twenty or more people coming – you call in and you get one dollar off. They don’t accept credit cards at this time.


Have you ever jumped off a 20 foot high dive? Well, Pine Lake has one and they also have a 12 foot and a 30 foot. Also, they have 4 slides  one of which is a completely black slide which is really fun. Pine Lake has 2 racer slides which you can race on with your friend. The best slide though is a mat slide.  On the mat slide you grab a mat at the bottom and wait for the light at the top to turn green, but you want to make sure you hold on to the mat so you don’t flip around. If you have a baby you can put them on the kiddy slides and they don’t go very fast. There is a whole play land for little kids.  There are little slides, nets to climb on, water guns to shoot at people, and a huge bucket that dumps water on everyone in the area.  In the deep water there is a bobber – you climb up the ladder, sit in the nest, and rock back and forth.  Also in the deep water, they have a teeter-totter.  You try to rock your friend on the other end off of it.  In the shallower water they have “lilly pads” and a net to hold on to as you try to cross the water.  Finally, near the high dives is a zip line.  You travel about 50 feet before you hit a tire/bumper and fall off into the water.  There are lots of catfish in the water.  Be careful!  You should pack your lunch and go to Pine Lake.


Pine Lake is fun.  There are seven different slides to go on.  Two of the slides are racer slides.  You can race people on them.  There is a black tunnel slide.  You cannot see anything in it.  There is a raft slide.  You get a raft from the bottom, go up the stairs, and then when the light says go – go!  Be sure to hold onto the sides of the raft or you will turn around backwards.  There are two kiddie slides.  They are only about 8 feet tall.  There is a kiddie playground, and there is a slide there too.  There is a big bucket and when it falls it pours out a ton of water.  The water is chilly.  The water makes a river that goes back into the lake.  There are big squirt guns to squirt people with.  Near the black tunnel slide there are three high dives – a 10 foot, a 20 foot, and a 30 foot.  I only do the 10 foot high dive.  There is a zipline that is really fun.  You have to fall off before you hit the tire.  My favorite thing at Pine Lake are the lilly pads.  They are like fake logs that you jump across.  You also have a net above you to help you jump, jump, jump.  I don’t really like to use the net that much.  There is a buoy in the water to rock on.  I am not really old enough to do that.  There is another buoy teeter-totter.  You try to dunk your friend into the water on it.  At Pine Lake there is a paddle boat you can borrow to paddle around the lake.  There are catfish in the water and other little fish.  You can just swim around for fun.  We like to tail gate in the parking lot.  They will stamp your hand to come back in after you eat.  You should go to Pine Lake.

High Dives and Lilly Pads

Beach and Slides

Hours and Prices

Marion Splash House


Marion Splash House is an awesome place to visit. My favorite thing to do there is the wave pool. They have a bunch of different waves they throw at you. Each round they do different patterns of waves – some are normal waves, some are off the side waves, some alternate high and low waves.  They also have three slides. They have a toilet bowl slide and two regular twisty slides. The two twisty slides are fun, but the toilet bowl slide really hurts your back.  The Splash House also has stuff for the younger kids. The splash pad is for kids that are 48 inches tall or less. The wave pool is for all sizes and all ages. There are at least two lifeguards at each pool. They also have a lazy river. You have to have a tube to go through it. There is a little swimming pool in the middle of the lazy river. You can get in there without a tube, but you then have to stay in there or get out. It also has two concession stands.

I think it is worth going sometime to the Marion Splash House.  The hours are Monday-Friday 11:00am – 6:00pm; Saturday: 11:00am – 9:00pm; Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm.  It cost — regular: $5.00,  students: $4.00, seniors 55 & over: $3.00, children 2 and under: free, groups  (15 or more): $3.00/person.  It opens Memorial Day for the summer.


Have you ever been to a splash pad? Well, Marion Splash House is not a splash pad; it is a mix between a pool and a water park. The Marion Splash House has 3 water slides, two of the slides are racing slides, but riders don’t use tubes, the other slide doesn’t use a tube either, but is a toilet bowl. If you are not 48 inches tall, then you can’t go on the slides, but you can go on a kids water place that has a small slide. The Splash House has a lazy river.  In the middle of the lazy river is a pool for relaxing. My all time favorite there is the wave pool –  which is allowed for all ages and heights. When you are there, you don’t have to worry about your kid drowning there because they have a ton of lifeguards. The Marion Splash House is really worth your money.


Have you ever been to Marion Splash House? Well, there is a wave pool, the wave pool has a sensor for every 10 miutes to have waves come out.  It is very fun. They also have a lazy river.  There is a middle part where you can go without a tube,but in the lazy river you have to have a tube at all times. They have 3 big slides. Two slides are racing slides.  The other slide is toliet bowl,  and you don’t use a tube on this one either. They have a type of kids waterpark if you are not 48 inches tall.  You should go to the Marion Splash House because it is really fun.

Slides and Lazy River

Wave Pool

Kid’s Water Area

Markle Pool — Markle, Indiana

John — Age 12

 Markle pool is more like a lake than a pool. It is made from and old stone quarry. It has two high dives one 10 feet high and a cliff high dive 8 feet high. There are two slides one for babies about 5 feet high and the other is about 20 feet high up.There are two floating platforms to sit on. There is also a beach there a very small kind of rocky one. There is a concession stand and my favorite thing to get there is there snow cones it cost one dollar to get it. You get to pick from a variety of flavors my favorite type is lime. It cost $2.50 for kids to get in and $3.50 for adults plus for spectators it is free but you can’t swim. I recommend going on a weekdays. We were there a few days ago and we where the only ones there. On the weekends it’s really busy and packed. I recommend going some time.

Hadley — Age 10

Have you ever jumped off a 10 foot high dive? Well, at Markle Pool they have a ten foot high dive and an eight and a two foot high. The reason I like Markle pool is the high dives but if you don’t like high dives, you can go on the big slide it is  about   high.the cost to get in side 3.50 for adults,2.50 for kids and spectator is free but that means you can’t swim.the thing I like at the snack stand is the snow cones they are 1.00 dollar they ha ve a lot of flavors my favorite is grape. The bad thing about Markle Pool is on the weekends it is packed. So, I recommend on going on the week days.

Barnett — Age 7

I like Markle Pool.  The Markle Pool slide is fun to go down.  It is a big slide and it splashes you at the end.  You sometimes get burns on your arm because you put your arms up on the sides.  Don’t put your arms up on the sides.  I like all of the diving boards.  They are fun to jump off of.  There is an 8 foot one, a 10 foot one, and a 3 foot one.  At the concession stand I get a snow cone.  Root beer flavor is the best, but I did not get it today, I got rainbow.  There was a snake today in the water.  It is an old stone quarry.  The water is not clear.  People should go there ’cause it is really, really fun.