Markle Pool — Markle, Indiana

John — Age 12

 Markle pool is more like a lake than a pool. It is made from and old stone quarry. It has two high dives one 10 feet high and a cliff high dive 8 feet high. There are two slides one for babies about 5 feet high and the other is about 20 feet high up.There are two floating platforms to sit on. There is also a beach there a very small kind of rocky one. There is a concession stand and my favorite thing to get there is there snow cones it cost one dollar to get it. You get to pick from a variety of flavors my favorite type is lime. It cost $2.50 for kids to get in and $3.50 for adults plus for spectators it is free but you can’t swim. I recommend going on a weekdays. We were there a few days ago and we where the only ones there. On the weekends it’s really busy and packed. I recommend going some time.

Hadley — Age 10

Have you ever jumped off a 10 foot high dive? Well, at Markle Pool they have a ten foot high dive and an eight and a two foot high. The reason I like Markle pool is the high dives but if you don’t like high dives, you can go on the big slide it is  about   high.the cost to get in side 3.50 for adults,2.50 for kids and spectator is free but that means you can’t swim.the thing I like at the snack stand is the snow cones they are 1.00 dollar they ha ve a lot of flavors my favorite is grape. The bad thing about Markle Pool is on the weekends it is packed. So, I recommend on going on the week days.

Barnett — Age 7

I like Markle Pool.  The Markle Pool slide is fun to go down.  It is a big slide and it splashes you at the end.  You sometimes get burns on your arm because you put your arms up on the sides.  Don’t put your arms up on the sides.  I like all of the diving boards.  They are fun to jump off of.  There is an 8 foot one, a 10 foot one, and a 3 foot one.  At the concession stand I get a snow cone.  Root beer flavor is the best, but I did not get it today, I got rainbow.  There was a snake today in the water.  It is an old stone quarry.  The water is not clear.  People should go there ’cause it is really, really fun.

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