Blue Gate Restaurant — Shipshewana, Indiana

John – 12

The Blue Gate Restaurant is an Amish restaurant.  We go there right  after we are done at the Shipshewana Flea Market.  The restaurant has good food that tastes good and looks good.  The also have special deals each day of the week.  The price range is from five dollars to sixteen dollars for a main dish.  The restaurant is known for their making of mashed potatoes with chicken and noodles.  If you pick that meal, you can pick one extra side.  When I got the chicken and noodle meal my side was fresh picked green beans.  The meals are huge, but once you take one bite you want to eat the whole dish.  The chicken and noodles are creamy and buttery at the same time.  The taste is really good.  The mashed potatoes tasted creamy and there were also no bumps or pieces of potatoes in it.  They were so creamy and soft; they just melt in your mouth.  The restaurant is also a theater.  The theater is in the top section of the restaurant. I recommend going to the restaurant and eating there.


The Blue Gate Restaurant is a good place to eat in Shipshewana, Indiana after you go to the flea market.  When you get there you might have to wait, but they have a lot of room to seat people so you won’t have to wait too long.  When you are seated, they bring bread to the table.  There are two different spreads – one is a jam and one is a peanut butter spread.  They don’t have any appetizers, but the meals make up for it.  When you are there they have a kid’s menu.  I ordered off the kids menu, and I got the chicken noodles over mashed potatoes with green beans.  That was just the right amount too. If you are going there, you have to get the chicken noodles because they are great.  So when you go to the flea market you need to eat at the Blue Gate.

Barnett – 7

I like the Blue Gate Restuarant.  They have amazing noodles.  They are good because they have mashed potatoes with them.  I like to have my noodles over my mashed potatoes.  They give you a ton of noodles.  The service was good.  Our waitress served us quick.  She gave us bread with some sauce for it.  The peanut butter sauce for the bread is good.  It is creamy and soft to spread on the bread.  We also got a cookie with our kids meal.  The cookies was peanut butter and it was good.  The restaurant looks like a big house.  On the outside it looks like a blue house with a small pond with koi fish.  It looks like a house on the inside because their are stairs to go to the basement to use the bathroom.  Some older people like to sit in the basement because it is cooler and quieter there.  The basement is done nice and looks like it has just been redone.  It is great, so you should eat there.

Austin’s — Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Austin’s is right across the road from Hyatt High Sierra Hotel.  Austin’s has one of the best french fries in Lake Tahoe.  They have a batter for the fries and the taste is really good.  Along with the fries, they have a jalapeño dipping sauce that is amazing.  They are not really famous for a main dish, but they are really known for their appetizers like the fries and fried green tomatoes.  My meal that I got was cubed steak.  It was really good and tasted homemade.  The food is warm and yummy.  The cubed steak had a homemade gravy on it.   The meal that I had was served with mashed potatoes, and we got french fries on the side.  Everything is served with cornbread.  The cornbread is super – with a sweet honey taste.  The view is okay; it is of trees and of the road.  Austin’s is near the lake, but is not right on it.  Austin’s has really good food at a really good prices, and the food is like a home cooked meal.  I recommend going to it if you are in the area and you can get there easily.  It is great for the whole family.


Austin’s is right across the road from the Hyatt hotel in Lake Tahoe. The best thing to get there are their french fries.  They have a really good batter on them that makes them taste really good. The aren’t really famous for any main dishes, but they do have really good chicken tenders.  It is the same batter as on the french fries.  You can pick a side dish.  They have everything between fries to green beans.  The fries also come with a jalapeno dip that is not too spicy but very good. It is normally not packed so you don’t have to make reservations. It is small and only seats a few people.  It is not a fancy restaurant and you won’t need to dress up to go there.  That is one place that is good to eat at in Lake Tahoe.

Waffle House


The Waffle Houses are known for good breakfest food that is quick and easy to eat.  The Waffle house is known for their waffles.  They make their batter homeade at the restrant.  There are many waffle houses across the us and all of them are good.  Every time we go to the Waffle House, I always get the same thing the All-Star Breakfast.  It come with the choices of eggs, a pick between sausage, bacon, and ham,  you also get to pick if you want grits or hash browns, and last, but not least, you get one big waffle.  It only cost $7.99.  But, they also sell dinner and lunch stuff to eat too.  They are also known for their chili.  They make it homeade and put a lot of cheese on top.  To finish it off the put a dab of cream cheese on top.   If you are in an area that has a Waffle House, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is – you should go.  Waffle House is a 24 hr. business.  So I recommend going at any time of day

Hadley -10

The Waffle House is a fast food breakfast restaurant. They are open 24hours a day. The best thing to get is the All-Star breakfast. They serve lunch and dinner, but are mostly known for their breakfasts which are served all day.  The All-Star breakfast is  a meal with eggs – your choice scrambled or sunny side up, you can get toast or a biscuit, hash browns or grits, sausage, ham or bacon, and a waffle or biscuits and gravy. I always order the sausage.  It has a lot of flavor and is juicy.  Everything is made to order, so it is always hot and fresh.  They use lots of real butter on their griddle.  So, even though it is fattening it is tastey.  Inside they have a bar-like counter top, a bunch of booths, and some tables.  The one thing they are known for is their waffles.  The waffles have a crispy outside and a soft inside.  My brother and sister and I always sit at the counter-top.  We like to watch the cooks make the meals.  It is cool to see how they cook everything on the griddle.  They have to work fast to get everything made.  That is the reason we love to go to the Waffle House.


Barnett – 7

The Waffle House is good.  You should go there.  They make waffles that say “Waffle House” in the middle of them.  They are good to eat because they taste like a pancake batter cooked on a griddle.  I ordered the All-Star breakfast.  It comes with practically everything you would ever want for breakfast.  It came with eggs.  I ordered sunny side up.  They are also dippy eggs, but I don’t dip my toast in them.  I also had hashbrowns.  They are good.  My brother likes to put mustard on his, I only put salt on mine.  Two sausage patties come with the breakfast.  They are good because they are tender and good.  They are not spicy.  Finally, I got two pieces of toast.  I put strawberry jelly on my toast and eat it.  It is a really good place to eat.  It is my mom’s favorite and my favorite breakfast restaurant.

Shipshewana Flea Market — Shipshewana, Indiana


The  Shipshewana Flea Market is one of the largest flea market in the Midwest.  With a hundred acres full of venders.  It is held every  Tuesday and Wednesday through May to October.  The flea market sells stuff from fresh vegetables and fruit to hand crafted art and furniture.  They also sell fresh Amish cookies, pies, pretzels, and ice cream.  They have hundreds of stands and each and every one sells something different.  They also sell parts for cars, pocket knives, and other stuff that are at a good, reasonable prices.  One of our favorite stands there is a place called C&J’s dips.  They sell dips from appetizers to desserts.  But, just a year ago they came up with soups.  The dips are really easy to make and almost anyone could do it.  The other places that sell dips look good, but once you buy you feel bad that you wasted your money there and not at C&J’s. When my family goes we get to spend about ten dollars each.  So one of my things that I got was a nice pocket knife; I thought it was going to expensive, but it actually only ended up costing three dollars.  So I would recommend going sometime to the Shipshewana Flea Market and spend some money there.  Just be warned it is hot and there are a bunch of people there too.


Hadley – 10

The Shipshewana Flea Market is one of the biggest flea markets in the Midwest.  A flea market is a place where stuff is sold at low costs.  It is like an outside mall.  The stores are separate booths and tents set up to sell different things.  They sell food, clothes, music stuff, junk, a lot of toys, and a lot more.  I like to buy that you would not always find in other stores.  I like to buy pocket knives, hats, and interesting stuff.  Today I saw squirt guns that shoot water everywhere.  There was also an IPOD speaker that could be attached to anything and play music.  They have produce there to buy.  The best thing to get to eat are Ben’s pretzels.  They are made by Ben’s Bakery.  They make them there at their booth.  The dough they use is good.  They also have a lot of butter and salt on them.  Another good place to get food is the Ben’s Bakery booth.  We always get cookies there.  The molasses cookies and the monster cookies are really good.  There are over 900 vendors there. Every year there are over a half million visitors there.  The Shipshewana Flea Market is fun to go, even if you don’t buy anything.  But, I recommend you buy a few things!

Barnett – 7

The Shipshewana Flea Market has a ton of things to buy.  I like to look at everything there before I buy anything.  My mom bought me a fake hair ponytail.  It is a long, straight ponytail that clips onto my real hair.  I bought a Webkinz Schnoodle.  It is a half poodle, half schnauzer stuffed animal.  I also got an American Girl doll dress.  It is orange and sparkly.  There is a booth where a lady makes doll clothes and sells them.  I had to think which dress to pick – it was really hard.  There were a ton of dresses to choose from.  I had $10.00 to spend.  We went to Ben’s Bakery.  We bought cookies and a pecan pie.  We went to the soft pretzel stand.  We bought extra pretzels.  My mom dropped one on the ground, but my brother still ate it!  They would eat anything!  We had to buy things for my grandma – calendars, scrubbies, and cookies.  We saw many Amish people.  They were at the flea market.  Afterwards we were going to pick berries, but they had already been picked.  We ate lunch at the Blue Gate Restaurant (that will be in a later post).  You should go there, it is really fun.

Ahwahnee Buffet — Yosemite National Park

John -12

The Ahwahnee Buffet is located in a lodge/hotel in the Yosemite.  The hotel is almost 100 years old and is still working.  The buffet that we went to was for fathers day.  The buffet was during brunch.  They had many diffrent foods to eat like fish and shrimp to omletes and cresonts.  The buffet has two stations where you get to make and pick the type of food you want.  One of the station is and omlete station where you get to pick the type of omlet you want.  The othere station is where you get to pick the type of meat you want and the cut it fresh right there.  The buffet is expensive with prices that are fifty dollars for adults and twenty five for kids.  but the buffet is worth the price.  So if you don’t mind paying then you should really try to go.



The Ahwahnee Buffet is in a lodge/hotel that is almost 100 years old and is still in business. When you get to Yosemite it is located in the valley. You want to make sure that you make reservations becuase the place will get very packed.  You will also have bring your money because it is almost 40 dollars a person for the Sunday buffet. The food there though is definitely worth the money. They have a omelet station that you can pick from toppings to put in your omelet. When you go, you want the brunch meal not just breakfast.  At the brunch there is more than just breakfast you can get shrimp and a lot more lunch stuff.  Plus if you want breakfast stuff, then you can get that too. Those are the reasons we went to the Ahwahnee Buffet.



The Ahwahnee Lodge is in Yosemite National Park.  We did not stay there.  We just ate breakfast there.  The Lodge is beautiful.  It has a ton of fireplaces and is really old.  They served hot chocolate and coffee in the lobby – near the restroom.  I went to the bathroom twice just to get more hot chocolate.  They had a big ice sculpture at the buffet.  First in the buffet, you could make an omelet with all of your favorite foods.  Then, there was a butcher.  He would cut off meat for you to eat.  I did not like the roast beef, but the ham was really good.  Then there were fresh foods, veggies, shrimp, oysters, probably everything you could ever ask for.  It was all good.  Biscuits, gravy, and eggs were on another table.  Cereal and desserts were on other tables.  The service was good, we had a nice waitress.  You should try to eat there.


The Buffet

The Ahwahnee Dining Room