Alamo Cafe, San Antonio, Texas

The Alamo café is a Mexican/American restaurant that we went to in San Antonio, Texas.  It has really good food. The best thing they had there was their homemade tortilla shells. The shells where really fresh and tasted really good.  They are making them near the entrance, and you can watch them being made.  It is amazing how fast they can make them.  I am sure this is important, because they are going through hundreds of tortillas an hour.   Another thing that they had there that was delicious was their chips and salsa; the salsa was really good, but really spicy.  For the main dish, I got the beef chimichanga. It was somewhat good, but I would recommend it without the guacamole.  Another cool thing about the place is that instead of rice as the side dish or beans, you could get French Fries instead. I really thought that it was a nice place to eat with the whole family.

The Alamo Café is a Mexican restaurant that we went to before we went to the Leon Springs Dance Hall. They are on the same side of town and convenient to one another.  The restaurant has good salsa and chips, but it is kind of spicy.  I got the chicken chimichangas. They were really good.  They come with 2 small ones, and they had a lot of chicken in them.  It also comes with rice and beans.  The best part though at the restaurant is the tortillas.  We put butter and sugar on them – like a crepe – and it was very good. You can also see the people making the tortillas, and it was really cool.  So if you are in San Antonio, Alamo Café is the best Mexican place to eat.

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