Marion Splash House


Marion Splash House is an awesome place to visit. My favorite thing to do there is the wave pool. They have a bunch of different waves they throw at you. Each round they do different patterns of waves – some are normal waves, some are off the side waves, some alternate high and low waves.  They also have three slides. They have a toilet bowl slide and two regular twisty slides. The two twisty slides are fun, but the toilet bowl slide really hurts your back.  The Splash House also has stuff for the younger kids. The splash pad is for kids that are 48 inches tall or less. The wave pool is for all sizes and all ages. There are at least two lifeguards at each pool. They also have a lazy river. You have to have a tube to go through it. There is a little swimming pool in the middle of the lazy river. You can get in there without a tube, but you then have to stay in there or get out. It also has two concession stands.

I think it is worth going sometime to the Marion Splash House.  The hours are Monday-Friday 11:00am – 6:00pm; Saturday: 11:00am – 9:00pm; Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm.  It cost — regular: $5.00,  students: $4.00, seniors 55 & over: $3.00, children 2 and under: free, groups  (15 or more): $3.00/person.  It opens Memorial Day for the summer.


Have you ever been to a splash pad? Well, Marion Splash House is not a splash pad; it is a mix between a pool and a water park. The Marion Splash House has 3 water slides, two of the slides are racing slides, but riders don’t use tubes, the other slide doesn’t use a tube either, but is a toilet bowl. If you are not 48 inches tall, then you can’t go on the slides, but you can go on a kids water place that has a small slide. The Splash House has a lazy river.  In the middle of the lazy river is a pool for relaxing. My all time favorite there is the wave pool –  which is allowed for all ages and heights. When you are there, you don’t have to worry about your kid drowning there because they have a ton of lifeguards. The Marion Splash House is really worth your money.


Have you ever been to Marion Splash House? Well, there is a wave pool, the wave pool has a sensor for every 10 miutes to have waves come out.  It is very fun. They also have a lazy river.  There is a middle part where you can go without a tube,but in the lazy river you have to have a tube at all times. They have 3 big slides. Two slides are racing slides.  The other slide is toliet bowl,  and you don’t use a tube on this one either. They have a type of kids waterpark if you are not 48 inches tall.  You should go to the Marion Splash House because it is really fun.

Slides and Lazy River

Wave Pool

Kid’s Water Area

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