Hash House a Go Go – Reno, NV

John – 15
Hash House a GO GO is a restaurant chain.  One location is located in the Harrah’s Hotel & Casino in Reno, NV.  Hash House a Go Go is a medium sized restaurant that serves satisfyingly good food.  The prices at Hash House range from around 6 dollars to around 15 dollars.  They are best known for their breakfast items.  The most notable of their breakfast items ares their famous flapjacks.  Their flapjacks are colossal. The flapjacks come on this gigantic plate and cover the entire thing.  For our family we decided to share one of these, and it ended up being the perfect amount of food for everyone in our family of 5 to eat as an appetizer.  We ordered the banana and walnut flapjack and it was delicious.  It doesn’t need syrup; the bananas make it sweet.  They are caramelized by the griddle and taste amazing.  For my main meal I decided to get the Two Eggs w/ bacon sausage and potatoes.  I had way to much food to eat and couldn’t finish it.  That is really saying something for me.  I also want to say that I didn’t finish it because it wasn’t good – there was just too much food.  My family loves breakfast food.  If you like breakfast food, you need to try Hash House a Go Go.  I am sure their other locations are just as good.  If you are near one, you should try it.

Hadley – 13
Hash House a Go Go in Reno, Nevada, is a great place to eat.  It is inside the Harrah’s Hotel and Casino.  Hash House a Go Go is best know for their breakfast food.  Unfortunately we did not go at breakfast time, we went at lunch time.  The lunch there was really good, and you can get their breakfast food all day.  For an appetizer we got the brown sugar banana and nut flapjack.  This was not a small flapjack at all either; it easily fed all 5 of us and we still had some left.  The brown sugar was caramelized on top and there was like bananas throughout the flapjack.  It was really good.  For my main meal, I got the sage fried chicken and waffles.  There was a ton of food in my order.  Easily enough to share between two adults.  You get 2 chicken breasts and 4 waffle squares filled with bacon.  The chicken breasts are sage fried and are really crispy.  Since they are sage fried, they are kind of sweet and are very good with the waffles.  My favorite thing on the menu though was my sister’s chicken pot pie.  This pot pie was huge and had the sage fried chicken mixed in with it.  It was very good.  If I went back, that is what I would get.  If you are ever in Nevada, Illinois, Connecticut, or California – which is where their other restaurants are located – you definitely need to stop at a Hash House a Go Go and try their amazing food!

Barnnett – 10
Hash House a Go Go in Reno, Nevada, is a great restaurant to go to.  It is located in the Harrah’s hotel and casino.  When you go to Hash House a Go Go, you want to bring a big appetite or a hungry crowd.  Some of the things they have are waffles and chicken, just waffles, eggs benedict, french toast, salads, chicken pot pies, and of course lots of different hashes.  What’s great about Hash House a Go Go is that they make their food homemade.  There is only a little bit of a problem; they give you really big servings.  Even my brothers helped me with my meal, and we hardly made a dent.  For an “appetizer” we had a great banana, nut, caramel flapjack.  It was so big and good just like everything we ate there.

Char’ Pit Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe, NV

Hadley- 13

The Char’ Pit at Sand Harbor State Park is a really good restaurant for being in a State Park. The service took a little long, maybe 15 minutes,  but it was not that bad of a wait.  It isn’t right on the beach, but it is very close, and you can see the water.  You can leave your things on the beach and walk there for lunch.  When you go up to order, they don’t have a lot of options.  They have burgers, ice cream, fish and chips, and also alcoholic drinks for adults.  I got the fish and chips, and they were very good considering that it was food just made right there.  The fries were also pretty good.  The best part is that you can sit outside and still enjoy the state park.  You don’t have to leave the park and pick up your stuff from the beach. I also very much enjoyed the view.  If you are ever in Lake Tahoe, I not only recommend going to Sand Harbor, but I also recommend eating at the Char’ Pit.

Austin’s — Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Austin’s is right across the road from Hyatt High Sierra Hotel.  Austin’s has one of the best french fries in Lake Tahoe.  They have a batter for the fries and the taste is really good.  Along with the fries, they have a jalapeño dipping sauce that is amazing.  They are not really famous for a main dish, but they are really known for their appetizers like the fries and fried green tomatoes.  My meal that I got was cubed steak.  It was really good and tasted homemade.  The food is warm and yummy.  The cubed steak had a homemade gravy on it.   The meal that I had was served with mashed potatoes, and we got french fries on the side.  Everything is served with cornbread.  The cornbread is super – with a sweet honey taste.  The view is okay; it is of trees and of the road.  Austin’s is near the lake, but is not right on it.  Austin’s has really good food at a really good prices, and the food is like a home cooked meal.  I recommend going to it if you are in the area and you can get there easily.  It is great for the whole family.


Austin’s is right across the road from the Hyatt hotel in Lake Tahoe. The best thing to get there are their french fries.  They have a really good batter on them that makes them taste really good. The aren’t really famous for any main dishes, but they do have really good chicken tenders.  It is the same batter as on the french fries.  You can pick a side dish.  They have everything between fries to green beans.  The fries also come with a jalapeno dip that is not too spicy but very good. It is normally not packed so you don’t have to make reservations. It is small and only seats a few people.  It is not a fancy restaurant and you won’t need to dress up to go there.  That is one place that is good to eat at in Lake Tahoe.

The Cut Throat Saloon — Incline Village, Nevada


The Cut Throat Saloon is in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Nevada.  It is right next door to the casino.  They have appetizers / soups / salads / entrees / sandwiches / and pizzas.  There appetizers include Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, served on roasted tomato coulis; Tahoe Spuds with Cajun chicken and bacon, topped with cheddar and pepper jack cheese, served with sour cream; Loaded Sierra Nachos; or Roasted Crab and Spinach Dip with Flatbread.  Their soups / salads include Western Chili, Grilled Chicken Caesar or Saloon Salad, with crisp greens, black forest ham, smoked turkey, bacon, eggs, cheddar, provolone, Swiss cheese, tomato-cucumber relish.  Entrees / sandwiches  including Prime Rib Sandwich, Fish and Chips, Grilled Chicken Panini with boursin cheese, caramelized onions on ciabatta bread, Steak and Fries or Barbecue Grilled Salmon.  Their pizzas are the Caprese Pizza, Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Three-topping Cheese Pizza.  Their prices range from $7.00-$30.00.  They are famous for their dollar bill walls and ceiling.  People come and pin-up a dollar bill on the wall and when the walls are packed they take the dollars down and give the dollars to charity.  The Cut Throat Saloon is one of my favorite places to eat at lake Tahoe.  I recommend going and eating and also putting up a dollar bill on the wall.


Hadley – 10

The Cut Throat Saloon is a restaurant inside the Hyatt Casino.  It is open to the public, and it allows kids too. When they have the blackjack tournament the appetizers are on sale for half price – which is every Wednesday.  We did not eat a full meal there, but we got appetizers.  The things we got were the nachos, the pizza, and potato slices.  First, my favorite – the nachos –  they had jalapeno, cheese, pulled pork, and chips which was really good.  My second favorite was the potato slices.  They had chesse and bacon.  The pizza was my least favorite because the pizza had no flavor other than the pepperoni, so I would not get it again.  That is what I thought of the Cut Throat Saloon.



South Tahoe Standup Paddle — Lake Tahoe, Nevada

John – 12

Have you ever been paddle boarding? Well, if you haven’t, you should try it. It may sound hard at first, but it is really quite easy. The first thing they do is give you a paddle that fits your height. Then they tell you to stay up on your knees. When you are ready, you stand up.  You can get going quickly, but if you fall off you get soaked in cold water. -The warmest Lake Tahoe water gets is 68 degrees,even in the summer!  It is really easy to control the paddleboard and to paddle/row it.  It is fun for the whole family; if you have kids younger they can sit on the edge of the front part of the board, or they can have there own board. My sister (7) had her own board and did really well. It was fun to paddleboard at Lake Tahoe.  You could see clear down to the bottom (about 10 feet where we were at). -Lake Tahoe is over 1,600 feet deep in some places!  The place that we went to, South Tahoe Standup Paddle, was really helpful and nice.  They helped us with getting our paddleboards, and they also helped carry all of our equipment down to the beach.  Their shop had a nice atmosphere, and they were nice and kind to all of us.  I recommend going sometime and trying it out.  Included in the rental price was a 15 minute lesson that was very helpful.  The price is $20 per person per hour.  That can be a little expensive, but it is worth it!

Hadley – 10

if you have been kayaking, then you will love to go stand up paddleboarding. We went to a place called South Tahoe Standup Paddle.  You can probably guess that it is in Lake Tahoe on the south shore.  It doesn’t matter what age or size you are for paddleboarding.  You do not want to fall into the water at Lake Tahoe – it is really cold!  You can get a 15 minute lesson that is free with board rental.  They also have 1 hour lessons for $35.00.  They were very nice.  Everyone in our group wore life jackets – kids have to wear them.  At Lake Tahoe you can see through most of the water, but if you look down while you are paddleboarding, you lose your balance and could fall.  It is easy to catch on to paddleboarding, but they suggest you start out on your knees and work your way to standing up.  I liked it because I felt like I could see more than when I am kayaking.  I think people should try this experience.  I would go to the same store if you are in Lake Tahoe, they were really helpful for beginners like us.

Barnett – 7

Have you been paddleboarding?  I have.  It looks hard, but it is actually easy.  The idea of standing up when there are waves coming in sounds hard.  It is easy because you can stay on your knees if you want.  It was fun.  I fell once into the water – it was freezing!  It is OK to fall in, just get back up on the board.  The people at South Tahoe Standup Paddle gave us tips and instructions.  Some other people in the area gave us tips too.  Everyone was very nice.  Here are some tips:  start out on your knees, try to stand up, don’t look down, keep your knees flexible, and when you wobble fall back onto your knees.  Little kids should always wear a lifejacket.  Adults should probably wear one too.  I would go back to South Tahoe Standup Paddle because they were nice and it was fun.  We even saw a person paddleboarding with their dog!


Outside of the shop


Inside of their shop