About us….

John 13, Hadley 10, and Barnett 8 give their ideas, thoughts, and opinions on a variety of places:  tourist spots, local excursions, and restaurants.

Our family loves to travel.  Several times a year we get to go on neat vacations.  The rest of the time we take day-trips to lots of fun places.  The only thing we like more than vacationing is eating.  We will give you our opinions of restaurants.  Along with our opinions, we will let you know prices and what to order.

Our mom is going to help with this blog and our dad is going to pay for the vacations!  Let us know what you think about our excursions and tell us your opinion.

3 responses to “About us….

  1. Thanks for giving a kid opinion on all of these great places! We love your blog and will continue to follow it to get vacation ideas for our own family!

  2. Hey, Traveling Kids!
    It is fun to read about all the places you have been and hear your opinions of them. It makes me want to go there, too! If I ever travel to some of the places you have been, I will read your blog so I can find the most fun stops. Keep posting your exploits!

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