Pine Lake


Pine Lake is an awesome lake. My favorite thing to do there is the ten foot high dive. They also have a 20 and a 30 foot high dive there too. The 30 foot dive is really high and scary. The 20 foot is okay; I’ve gone on it before. They have a cable ride too. It is really similar to a zipline. At the end of the ride there is a tire, and you hit it and fall off into the water. They also have seven other slides. Three of the slides are for smaller kids. The four slides that are for bigger kids are fun. They have two racing slides, one mat slide, and one enclosed body slide. They also have a water teeter-totter. On the teeter-totter you rock back in forth until someone falls off or you get tired of rocking back in forth in the water. My second favorite thing is the bobber. It is a buoy with a bird nest on top of it. You rock back and forth until you hit the water or jump off. They also have a beach. It is meduim sized. You can play volleyball on it. They also have a play area for babies/ tiny kids to play on. There is a huge bucket that fills with water, and then it dumps it on you. They also have a playland under the bucket for little kids to climb on and play on. The times and hours are Monday-Saturday  10:oo AM – 8:oo PM  Sunday 12:00 PM – 8:oo PM. The prices are ages 4-9 $6.00 and ages 10 and up is $7.00. Plus if you have twenty or more people coming – you call in and you get one dollar off. They don’t accept credit cards at this time.


Have you ever jumped off a 20 foot high dive? Well, Pine Lake has one and they also have a 12 foot and a 30 foot. Also, they have 4 slides  one of which is a completely black slide which is really fun. Pine Lake has 2 racer slides which you can race on with your friend. The best slide though is a mat slide.  On the mat slide you grab a mat at the bottom and wait for the light at the top to turn green, but you want to make sure you hold on to the mat so you don’t flip around. If you have a baby you can put them on the kiddy slides and they don’t go very fast. There is a whole play land for little kids.  There are little slides, nets to climb on, water guns to shoot at people, and a huge bucket that dumps water on everyone in the area.  In the deep water there is a bobber – you climb up the ladder, sit in the nest, and rock back and forth.  Also in the deep water, they have a teeter-totter.  You try to rock your friend on the other end off of it.  In the shallower water they have “lilly pads” and a net to hold on to as you try to cross the water.  Finally, near the high dives is a zip line.  You travel about 50 feet before you hit a tire/bumper and fall off into the water.  There are lots of catfish in the water.  Be careful!  You should pack your lunch and go to Pine Lake.


Pine Lake is fun.  There are seven different slides to go on.  Two of the slides are racer slides.  You can race people on them.  There is a black tunnel slide.  You cannot see anything in it.  There is a raft slide.  You get a raft from the bottom, go up the stairs, and then when the light says go – go!  Be sure to hold onto the sides of the raft or you will turn around backwards.  There are two kiddie slides.  They are only about 8 feet tall.  There is a kiddie playground, and there is a slide there too.  There is a big bucket and when it falls it pours out a ton of water.  The water is chilly.  The water makes a river that goes back into the lake.  There are big squirt guns to squirt people with.  Near the black tunnel slide there are three high dives – a 10 foot, a 20 foot, and a 30 foot.  I only do the 10 foot high dive.  There is a zipline that is really fun.  You have to fall off before you hit the tire.  My favorite thing at Pine Lake are the lilly pads.  They are like fake logs that you jump across.  You also have a net above you to help you jump, jump, jump.  I don’t really like to use the net that much.  There is a buoy in the water to rock on.  I am not really old enough to do that.  There is another buoy teeter-totter.  You try to dunk your friend into the water on it.  At Pine Lake there is a paddle boat you can borrow to paddle around the lake.  There are catfish in the water and other little fish.  You can just swim around for fun.  We like to tail gate in the parking lot.  They will stamp your hand to come back in after you eat.  You should go to Pine Lake.

High Dives and Lilly Pads

Beach and Slides

Hours and Prices

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