Hash House a Go Go – Reno, NV

John – 15
Hash House a GO GO is a restaurant chain.  One location is located in the Harrah’s Hotel & Casino in Reno, NV.  Hash House a Go Go is a medium sized restaurant that serves satisfyingly good food.  The prices at Hash House range from around 6 dollars to around 15 dollars.  They are best known for their breakfast items.  The most notable of their breakfast items ares their famous flapjacks.  Their flapjacks are colossal. The flapjacks come on this gigantic plate and cover the entire thing.  For our family we decided to share one of these, and it ended up being the perfect amount of food for everyone in our family of 5 to eat as an appetizer.  We ordered the banana and walnut flapjack and it was delicious.  It doesn’t need syrup; the bananas make it sweet.  They are caramelized by the griddle and taste amazing.  For my main meal I decided to get the Two Eggs w/ bacon sausage and potatoes.  I had way to much food to eat and couldn’t finish it.  That is really saying something for me.  I also want to say that I didn’t finish it because it wasn’t good – there was just too much food.  My family loves breakfast food.  If you like breakfast food, you need to try Hash House a Go Go.  I am sure their other locations are just as good.  If you are near one, you should try it.

Hadley – 13
Hash House a Go Go in Reno, Nevada, is a great place to eat.  It is inside the Harrah’s Hotel and Casino.  Hash House a Go Go is best know for their breakfast food.  Unfortunately we did not go at breakfast time, we went at lunch time.  The lunch there was really good, and you can get their breakfast food all day.  For an appetizer we got the brown sugar banana and nut flapjack.  This was not a small flapjack at all either; it easily fed all 5 of us and we still had some left.  The brown sugar was caramelized on top and there was like bananas throughout the flapjack.  It was really good.  For my main meal, I got the sage fried chicken and waffles.  There was a ton of food in my order.  Easily enough to share between two adults.  You get 2 chicken breasts and 4 waffle squares filled with bacon.  The chicken breasts are sage fried and are really crispy.  Since they are sage fried, they are kind of sweet and are very good with the waffles.  My favorite thing on the menu though was my sister’s chicken pot pie.  This pot pie was huge and had the sage fried chicken mixed in with it.  It was very good.  If I went back, that is what I would get.  If you are ever in Nevada, Illinois, Connecticut, or California – which is where their other restaurants are located – you definitely need to stop at a Hash House a Go Go and try their amazing food!

Barnnett – 10
Hash House a Go Go in Reno, Nevada, is a great restaurant to go to.  It is located in the Harrah’s hotel and casino.  When you go to Hash House a Go Go, you want to bring a big appetite or a hungry crowd.  Some of the things they have are waffles and chicken, just waffles, eggs benedict, french toast, salads, chicken pot pies, and of course lots of different hashes.  What’s great about Hash House a Go Go is that they make their food homemade.  There is only a little bit of a problem; they give you really big servings.  Even my brothers helped me with my meal, and we hardly made a dent.  For an “appetizer” we had a great banana, nut, caramel flapjack.  It was so big and good just like everything we ate there.

Waffle House


The Waffle Houses are known for good breakfest food that is quick and easy to eat.  The Waffle house is known for their waffles.  They make their batter homeade at the restrant.  There are many waffle houses across the us and all of them are good.  Every time we go to the Waffle House, I always get the same thing the All-Star Breakfast.  It come with the choices of eggs, a pick between sausage, bacon, and ham,  you also get to pick if you want grits or hash browns, and last, but not least, you get one big waffle.  It only cost $7.99.  But, they also sell dinner and lunch stuff to eat too.  They are also known for their chili.  They make it homeade and put a lot of cheese on top.  To finish it off the put a dab of cream cheese on top.   If you are in an area that has a Waffle House, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is – you should go.  Waffle House is a 24 hr. business.  So I recommend going at any time of day

Hadley -10

The Waffle House is a fast food breakfast restaurant. They are open 24hours a day. The best thing to get is the All-Star breakfast. They serve lunch and dinner, but are mostly known for their breakfasts which are served all day.  The All-Star breakfast is  a meal with eggs – your choice scrambled or sunny side up, you can get toast or a biscuit, hash browns or grits, sausage, ham or bacon, and a waffle or biscuits and gravy. I always order the sausage.  It has a lot of flavor and is juicy.  Everything is made to order, so it is always hot and fresh.  They use lots of real butter on their griddle.  So, even though it is fattening it is tastey.  Inside they have a bar-like counter top, a bunch of booths, and some tables.  The one thing they are known for is their waffles.  The waffles have a crispy outside and a soft inside.  My brother and sister and I always sit at the counter-top.  We like to watch the cooks make the meals.  It is cool to see how they cook everything on the griddle.  They have to work fast to get everything made.  That is the reason we love to go to the Waffle House.


Barnett – 7

The Waffle House is good.  You should go there.  They make waffles that say “Waffle House” in the middle of them.  They are good to eat because they taste like a pancake batter cooked on a griddle.  I ordered the All-Star breakfast.  It comes with practically everything you would ever want for breakfast.  It came with eggs.  I ordered sunny side up.  They are also dippy eggs, but I don’t dip my toast in them.  I also had hashbrowns.  They are good.  My brother likes to put mustard on his, I only put salt on mine.  Two sausage patties come with the breakfast.  They are good because they are tender and good.  They are not spicy.  Finally, I got two pieces of toast.  I put strawberry jelly on my toast and eat it.  It is a really good place to eat.  It is my mom’s favorite and my favorite breakfast restaurant.

Red Hut Cafe

John – 12 

The Red Hut Cafe is one of my favorite breakfast places I’ve eaten at. They have really good omelets. They are known for their waffles. I had the cheese and bacon omelet. I thought that they would give me just bits of cut up bacon, but instead they gave me four or five strips of bacon whole. They give hash browns and toast with each omelet. They have six locations around Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  Some are up to fifty years old, and some are also brand new.  The one that we went to has a great view of the lake and the mountains around the lake. It is really hard to get into, and they don’t take reservations. They are only open until two o’clock  (they open at 8:00). The atmosphere is friendly and nice.  The Red Hut Cafe has good food and is definitely worth going to if you are near Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Hadley – 10

Lake Tahoe has good places to eat, but one of the best is the Red Hut Cafe.  When I went to the Red Hut Cafe.  I had something strange – a bacon waffle.  The bacon waffle may sound gross, but it is really good.  It has pieces of bacon inside the waffle.  If you don’t like bacon – this is not the waffle for you!  You can have it with or without whipped cream.  I tried the biscuits and gravy.  They were good, but the gravy had a lot of pepper in it.  I also tried their bacon and cheese omelet.  It was really good too.   They have a lot of variety of waffles.  There are two really old slot machines in the restaurant.  They don’t work.  It is an older restaurant, but they ere are more located around Lake Tahoe.    The one we went to is one of the older ones they have.  It is small and not fancy.  You do not have to dress up.  You want to come, and you may need to wait.  It is worth waiting for.  It is good for breakfast, and it is worth your money.

Barnett – 7

The Red Hut Cafe is good.  I had a Mickey Mouse pancake.  It is a Red Hut Cafe tradition!  It was shaped of a Mickey Mouse head.  Blackberries were the eyes, a strawberry was the mouth, and a scoop of butter was its nose.  It was good.  I also tried the bacon waffle.  I like bacon and waffles – so it was good.  I tried the biscuits and gravy.  They were too spicy because of the pepper.  I ate some of my Dad’s hash browns.  They were so good, I had to get a second helping!  The bacon waffle was the best of everything I tried.  There was tobacco sauce on every table.  It was packed.  There were a ton of people there because it is good.  I would go there again and get my own bacon waffle.

Everything on the menu is Yummy!

Inside is small – but worth the wait

Kingsbury Location

Look for the sign

Square Donuts — Richmond, Indiana

Hadley — 10

Across the road from Clara’s Pizza King is a place called Square Donuts.  I personally think it is a funny name, but once you walk inside there are actually square shaped donuts.  The donuts taste the same as regular donuts.  They are good.  They have a great glaze on them.  It has a lot of sugar in it.  Not all of the donuts have holes in them.  The jelly filled donuts do not have holes.  They also have long rectangular donuts that do not have holes.  We bought 6 donuts for $3.90.  There is a special price if you buy a full dozen.  If I were you, I would go there because of the funny name and donuts.

Barnett — 7

At Square Donuts the donuts are really square.  It is kinda just across the street from Clara’s Pizza King.  We got donuts for breakfast.  They taste good because I like almost every kind of donut.  We got plain glazed donuts.  They were soft and squishy inside.  The outside tasted like sugar.  You could split a donut with someone and still have enought.  They are pretty big donuts.  Next time I want to try donut holes.

Outside of Square Donuts