Red Hut Cafe

John – 12 

The Red Hut Cafe is one of my favorite breakfast places I’ve eaten at. They have really good omelets. They are known for their waffles. I had the cheese and bacon omelet. I thought that they would give me just bits of cut up bacon, but instead they gave me four or five strips of bacon whole. They give hash browns and toast with each omelet. They have six locations around Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  Some are up to fifty years old, and some are also brand new.  The one that we went to has a great view of the lake and the mountains around the lake. It is really hard to get into, and they don’t take reservations. They are only open until two o’clock  (they open at 8:00). The atmosphere is friendly and nice.  The Red Hut Cafe has good food and is definitely worth going to if you are near Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Hadley – 10

Lake Tahoe has good places to eat, but one of the best is the Red Hut Cafe.  When I went to the Red Hut Cafe.  I had something strange – a bacon waffle.  The bacon waffle may sound gross, but it is really good.  It has pieces of bacon inside the waffle.  If you don’t like bacon – this is not the waffle for you!  You can have it with or without whipped cream.  I tried the biscuits and gravy.  They were good, but the gravy had a lot of pepper in it.  I also tried their bacon and cheese omelet.  It was really good too.   They have a lot of variety of waffles.  There are two really old slot machines in the restaurant.  They don’t work.  It is an older restaurant, but they ere are more located around Lake Tahoe.    The one we went to is one of the older ones they have.  It is small and not fancy.  You do not have to dress up.  You want to come, and you may need to wait.  It is worth waiting for.  It is good for breakfast, and it is worth your money.

Barnett – 7

The Red Hut Cafe is good.  I had a Mickey Mouse pancake.  It is a Red Hut Cafe tradition!  It was shaped of a Mickey Mouse head.  Blackberries were the eyes, a strawberry was the mouth, and a scoop of butter was its nose.  It was good.  I also tried the bacon waffle.  I like bacon and waffles – so it was good.  I tried the biscuits and gravy.  They were too spicy because of the pepper.  I ate some of my Dad’s hash browns.  They were so good, I had to get a second helping!  The bacon waffle was the best of everything I tried.  There was tobacco sauce on every table.  It was packed.  There were a ton of people there because it is good.  I would go there again and get my own bacon waffle.

Everything on the menu is Yummy!

Inside is small – but worth the wait

Kingsbury Location

Look for the sign

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