Blue Gate Restaurant — Shipshewana, Indiana

John – 12

The Blue Gate Restaurant is an Amish restaurant.  We go there right  after we are done at the Shipshewana Flea Market.  The restaurant has good food that tastes good and looks good.  The also have special deals each day of the week.  The price range is from five dollars to sixteen dollars for a main dish.  The restaurant is known for their making of mashed potatoes with chicken and noodles.  If you pick that meal, you can pick one extra side.  When I got the chicken and noodle meal my side was fresh picked green beans.  The meals are huge, but once you take one bite you want to eat the whole dish.  The chicken and noodles are creamy and buttery at the same time.  The taste is really good.  The mashed potatoes tasted creamy and there were also no bumps or pieces of potatoes in it.  They were so creamy and soft; they just melt in your mouth.  The restaurant is also a theater.  The theater is in the top section of the restaurant. I recommend going to the restaurant and eating there.


The Blue Gate Restaurant is a good place to eat in Shipshewana, Indiana after you go to the flea market.  When you get there you might have to wait, but they have a lot of room to seat people so you won’t have to wait too long.  When you are seated, they bring bread to the table.  There are two different spreads – one is a jam and one is a peanut butter spread.  They don’t have any appetizers, but the meals make up for it.  When you are there they have a kid’s menu.  I ordered off the kids menu, and I got the chicken noodles over mashed potatoes with green beans.  That was just the right amount too. If you are going there, you have to get the chicken noodles because they are great.  So when you go to the flea market you need to eat at the Blue Gate.

Barnett – 7

I like the Blue Gate Restuarant.  They have amazing noodles.  They are good because they have mashed potatoes with them.  I like to have my noodles over my mashed potatoes.  They give you a ton of noodles.  The service was good.  Our waitress served us quick.  She gave us bread with some sauce for it.  The peanut butter sauce for the bread is good.  It is creamy and soft to spread on the bread.  We also got a cookie with our kids meal.  The cookies was peanut butter and it was good.  The restaurant looks like a big house.  On the outside it looks like a blue house with a small pond with koi fish.  It looks like a house on the inside because their are stairs to go to the basement to use the bathroom.  Some older people like to sit in the basement because it is cooler and quieter there.  The basement is done nice and looks like it has just been redone.  It is great, so you should eat there.

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