Waffle House


The Waffle Houses are known for good breakfest food that is quick and easy to eat.  The Waffle house is known for their waffles.  They make their batter homeade at the restrant.  There are many waffle houses across the us and all of them are good.  Every time we go to the Waffle House, I always get the same thing the All-Star Breakfast.  It come with the choices of eggs, a pick between sausage, bacon, and ham,  you also get to pick if you want grits or hash browns, and last, but not least, you get one big waffle.  It only cost $7.99.  But, they also sell dinner and lunch stuff to eat too.  They are also known for their chili.  They make it homeade and put a lot of cheese on top.  To finish it off the put a dab of cream cheese on top.   If you are in an area that has a Waffle House, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is – you should go.  Waffle House is a 24 hr. business.  So I recommend going at any time of day

Hadley -10

The Waffle House is a fast food breakfast restaurant. They are open 24hours a day. The best thing to get is the All-Star breakfast. They serve lunch and dinner, but are mostly known for their breakfasts which are served all day.  The All-Star breakfast is  a meal with eggs – your choice scrambled or sunny side up, you can get toast or a biscuit, hash browns or grits, sausage, ham or bacon, and a waffle or biscuits and gravy. I always order the sausage.  It has a lot of flavor and is juicy.  Everything is made to order, so it is always hot and fresh.  They use lots of real butter on their griddle.  So, even though it is fattening it is tastey.  Inside they have a bar-like counter top, a bunch of booths, and some tables.  The one thing they are known for is their waffles.  The waffles have a crispy outside and a soft inside.  My brother and sister and I always sit at the counter-top.  We like to watch the cooks make the meals.  It is cool to see how they cook everything on the griddle.  They have to work fast to get everything made.  That is the reason we love to go to the Waffle House.


Barnett – 7

The Waffle House is good.  You should go there.  They make waffles that say “Waffle House” in the middle of them.  They are good to eat because they taste like a pancake batter cooked on a griddle.  I ordered the All-Star breakfast.  It comes with practically everything you would ever want for breakfast.  It came with eggs.  I ordered sunny side up.  They are also dippy eggs, but I don’t dip my toast in them.  I also had hashbrowns.  They are good.  My brother likes to put mustard on his, I only put salt on mine.  Two sausage patties come with the breakfast.  They are good because they are tender and good.  They are not spicy.  Finally, I got two pieces of toast.  I put strawberry jelly on my toast and eat it.  It is a really good place to eat.  It is my mom’s favorite and my favorite breakfast restaurant.

Big Tree Tram Tour / Mariposa Grove — Yosemite National Park


We had the opportunity to take the Big Tree Tram Tour through Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park.  The Giant Sequoia trees are some of the largest trees I have ever laid eyes on. They are in with the rest of the many tall trees at Yosemite. They are the tallest and the widest at Yosemite National Park.  The tram ride taakes you through most of the Sequoia trees they have at Yosemite. The tram ride talks all about the history behind the trees and the ones who saved the trees from getting chopped down. It also shows you all the unique trees they had there. Some of the trees that are unique are like the clothespin tree; it looks like a clothespin from the many wild fires they have had there. My favorite tree is the Giant Grizzly.  It is one of the largest Sequoia trees, with one limb or branch that is seven feet wide. The other one that is my favorite is one with a hole so big that a pickup truck can drive through it.  It cost $26.50 for an adult, $25.00 for seniors, Child $19.00, and children under five are free.  I recommend  going on the ride instead of walking the few miles to see the entire grove.


In Yosemite there are big trees called sequoias. They are so big one is 31 feet wide. The tour we did is the only one you can do in that area.  It is called the big tree tram tour. On the tour there is a free audio tour that you can listen to. There are 2 stops they make one is near the end and the other is closer to the back of the trail.  The first stop is at a small museum.  The museum has samples of the pine cones and seeds.  You cannot take any of them with you from the park.  The second stop is to see the Great Grizzly tree and one of the trees that you can walk completely through.  All of the trees they have there are unique — one has been growing for over 4,000 years. One of the other trees is able to have a bug car that can go threw it, but they won’t let you try.  That is one of the reason we went to see Yosemite to see these amazing trees.







South Tahoe Standup Paddle — Lake Tahoe, Nevada

John – 12

Have you ever been paddle boarding? Well, if you haven’t, you should try it. It may sound hard at first, but it is really quite easy. The first thing they do is give you a paddle that fits your height. Then they tell you to stay up on your knees. When you are ready, you stand up.  You can get going quickly, but if you fall off you get soaked in cold water. -The warmest Lake Tahoe water gets is 68 degrees,even in the summer!  It is really easy to control the paddleboard and to paddle/row it.  It is fun for the whole family; if you have kids younger they can sit on the edge of the front part of the board, or they can have there own board. My sister (7) had her own board and did really well. It was fun to paddleboard at Lake Tahoe.  You could see clear down to the bottom (about 10 feet where we were at). -Lake Tahoe is over 1,600 feet deep in some places!  The place that we went to, South Tahoe Standup Paddle, was really helpful and nice.  They helped us with getting our paddleboards, and they also helped carry all of our equipment down to the beach.  Their shop had a nice atmosphere, and they were nice and kind to all of us.  I recommend going sometime and trying it out.  Included in the rental price was a 15 minute lesson that was very helpful.  The price is $20 per person per hour.  That can be a little expensive, but it is worth it!

Hadley – 10

if you have been kayaking, then you will love to go stand up paddleboarding. We went to a place called South Tahoe Standup Paddle.  You can probably guess that it is in Lake Tahoe on the south shore.  It doesn’t matter what age or size you are for paddleboarding.  You do not want to fall into the water at Lake Tahoe – it is really cold!  You can get a 15 minute lesson that is free with board rental.  They also have 1 hour lessons for $35.00.  They were very nice.  Everyone in our group wore life jackets – kids have to wear them.  At Lake Tahoe you can see through most of the water, but if you look down while you are paddleboarding, you lose your balance and could fall.  It is easy to catch on to paddleboarding, but they suggest you start out on your knees and work your way to standing up.  I liked it because I felt like I could see more than when I am kayaking.  I think people should try this experience.  I would go to the same store if you are in Lake Tahoe, they were really helpful for beginners like us.

Barnett – 7

Have you been paddleboarding?  I have.  It looks hard, but it is actually easy.  The idea of standing up when there are waves coming in sounds hard.  It is easy because you can stay on your knees if you want.  It was fun.  I fell once into the water – it was freezing!  It is OK to fall in, just get back up on the board.  The people at South Tahoe Standup Paddle gave us tips and instructions.  Some other people in the area gave us tips too.  Everyone was very nice.  Here are some tips:  start out on your knees, try to stand up, don’t look down, keep your knees flexible, and when you wobble fall back onto your knees.  Little kids should always wear a lifejacket.  Adults should probably wear one too.  I would go back to South Tahoe Standup Paddle because they were nice and it was fun.  We even saw a person paddleboarding with their dog!


Outside of the shop


Inside of their shop


Wilbur Wright’s Birthplace — Millville, Indiana

John — 12

One of the main things to see at Wilbur’s birthplace is the Wright house.  The Wright house was built-in the 1860’s. The house was one of my favorite parts. There was an upstairs and downstairs.  Their oven heated their whole house. Their restroom was outside (an outhouse), and at night you have to use chamber pots as your toilet. I personally think that it would start to smell bad at night. The bad part is if you were a kid you had to take the chamber pot out and clean it.  The house is just one of the many things to look at there.

My other favorite part was the museum it had a miniature street in it.  It is from 1900. It had the Wright’s bike shop, a barber shop, a general store, and it even had a small shopping center for clothes. My favorite thing about the museum was the miniature version of the Wright brother’s Kitty Hawk camp. It had all the stuff they would have brought with them from Indiana to North Carolina. They also had a replica of the Wright glider next to the camp.  Finally, there is even a video you can watch in the museum.

Visiting the Wilbur Wright Birthplace only costs $2.oo to get in. They have a visitor’s center where you can buy collectibles, books, and they also sell small-scale replicas.  This is an attraction worth going to see.

Barnett — 7

We went into the gift shop and paid to go take a tour.  It was a long tour (1 hour and 30 minutes).  First we got to see Wilbur Wright’s memorial.  Then we saw his house.  I liked seeing the toys he and his brothers played with – like a bow and arrow, rocking horse, and building blocks.  I liked seeing the baby’s dress in the cradle.  Then we went to the shed.  I liked learning facts about corn and the corn shucker.  The smoke house was next.  The outhouse was fun, and we got to sit in it.  You had to use newspaper and a corncob to wipe your bottom!  Then we went to the museum.  We saw an old fashioned town.  There was a fun model of the plane that you could lay on and steer.  The museum has a model of their camp at Kitty Hawk.  Wilbur and Orville did not have very much food and had to write the dates on the eggs to know when they were laid.  They slept up top in the barn and could not roll over or they would fall out of their beds to the floor below.  Everyone should go see this because it is interesting.  I learned a lot.

The Wright Flyer

The Outhouse

Wright Kitchen

Kitty Hawk model

Mrs. Wick’s Pies/Restaurant — Winchester, Indiana

John (12), Hadley (10), and Barnett (7) —

At Mrs. Wick’s you will have some of the best pie you have ever tasted.  We have been there before to eat, but this time we just order pie – and lots of it!  Here is a list of what we ordered and thought about each piece:

Cherry Berry — It has two crusts, one on top and one on bottom.  Cherry Berry has cherries and red raspberries in it.  It is VERY tart.  The raspberries have seed, but the cherries don’t.  You can really taste the fruit.

Peanut Butter — Delicious!  It has whipped cream on top of a cream pie.  It also has nuts on top of the whipped cream.  The flavor is really rich.  Be sure to get there before it runs out.  It is very popular and when it is gone for the day – too bad.

Chocolate — It has whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top of a cream pie.  The flavor is very rich.  It has a lot of chocolatey flavor.  YUM!

Coconut — The pie has a meringue topping and toasted coconut on it.  It is a cream pie with lots of coconut in the pudding center.  The coconut tastes sweet, the pudding itself is plain.  It is chewy from all of the coconut inside.

Apple Walnut — It has a double crust – on top and bottom.  There are big chunks of apple with cinnamon in it.  There are only a few walnuts – so don’t be afraid to try it even if you don’t like nuts.  It is gooey between the apples and very sweet.  It would be great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Lemon — It has a meringue on the top.  It tastes like a Lemon Head candy.  It is more sweet than you would expect it to be.  The level of tart is just the right amount; it is not as sour as the Cherry Berry pie!

Banana — Oh, my!  It is good!  It has a meringue topping.  There are big chunks of banana and banana pudding in it.  It is sweet and smooth.

Pecan — The top has a layer of pecans forming a hard (yummy) crust.  It has a caramel goo in the middle.  It is very sweet and could use whipped cream or ice cream to be number one.

Sugar Cream — This is the official state pie of Indiana!  It is smooth and creamy.  The burnt sugar flavor is richer than in the other cream pies.  It has a flavor of creme brulee.  It is one of everyone’s favorites.  You can buy an entire sugar cream pie to take home for just $5.00!

Peach — This pie just didn’t work for any of us.  It has a double crust and large slices of peaches.  It needs whipped cream or ice cream on it.  The goo inside was too sticky without much flavor.

Pineapple — Don’t knock it until you try it.  It has a whipped cream on top.  Inside is a vanilla pudding/cream center with chunks of crushed pineapple.  It is a pie that would be really good on a hot summer day.

Favorites:  peanut butter, banana, chocolate, apple/walnut, pecan, and sugar cream.

Least favorites:  peach and pineapple.

We suggest you get a big glass of cold milk to drink with your pie.  Our waitress Kim was super!  She never questioned why three kids got to eat 11 pieces of pie in one sitting.  She always gave us some interesting background and information on each pie.  You can buy Mrs. Wick’s pies at the grocery if you can’t make it to Winchester, Indiana.  It is a fun stop on a road trip across Indiana.



Our choices to taste

Mix Peanut Butter and Chocolate-YUM!