Royal Scoop — Bonita Springs, Florida


Royal Scoop is one of the only great places to eat ice cream.  Royal Scoop is in Bonita Springs, Florida.  The inside is kinda nice and looks like an old fashioned ice cream shop.  (The floor is really bad and needs to be cleaned more often than normal.)  They have a lot of different ice cream flavors to pick from.  You can pick how many scoops you want on the ice cream cone or bowl.  They also have free water if you are thirsty.   You can buy hotdogs and a lot of other types of food and sandwiches there too.   When we went, I decided I wanted something different, so I picked a chocolate covered waffle-bowl as my dish.   For my choices of ice cream, I picked cookie dough and black cherry as my flavors.   The cookie dough had a bunch of chocolate chips and a few pieces of cookie dough in it.  The black cherry ice cream has little bits of cherries in them that taste really good, and then the ice cream is soft and easy to eat.   It all melts quickly too.  You can buy different colors of Royal Scoop’s t-shirt.   Royal Scoop is really popular, so you may be waiting a while before you get to pick your ice cream.   Sometimes the line wraps around the outside of the front porch.  However, it is worth the wait!   It is a really good family place to eat ice cream.


Royal Scoop is probably the best ice cream I have ever eaten.  They have sandwiches and other items on the menu, but you really want to focus on the ice cream.  At Royal Scoop they have different flavors to choose from.   My personal favorite is the cookie dough.  It has a vanilla ice cream with lots of little pieces of cookie dough in it.  When you order you need to only get one scoop because they really give you two scoops – their scoops are big and one is enough. When you  choose a cone I recommend getting the waffle cone; it is really good.  You can also order a bowl with a cone in it.  You order a cone, but have them put it in a bowl, so as it melts you can eat it with a spoon.  When you arrive you might have to wait a while, but it is worth the wait.  There is not a lot of seating in Royal Scoop, but they have a porch and you can sit outside.  It is not fancy.  You can wear your swim suit with a shirt on to go inside.


Barnett — 8

Royal Scoop is a good ice cream place.  You can pick what flavor you want from a lot of choices.  You can pick out a bowl, a bowl with a cone, a waffle cone, or a waffle bowl.  I ordered cookie dough and chocolate chip.  The cookie dough was good because I really like the cookie dough in it.  They give you a good amount of cookie dough.  The chocolate chip ice cream was good because I like the ice cream and the big chocolate chips.  The chocolate chip ice cream is the best.  The restaurant is kinda clean.  On busy days there are two lines to go through.  On regular days there is one line to go through.  It is worth waiting in line to get Royal Scoop ice cream.

Marietta Diner – Marietta, Georgia (near Atlanta)

John — 13

The Marietta Diner in Georgia near Atlanta is one the beast places to get breakfast food.  They are open all year round and all night long (24/7).  The restaurant looks like it is an old diner, but it has had remodeling done on the inside.  When we went it was 5:00, and we still had to wait a few minutes to get seated so get there  a little bit early to eat at a meal time.  When you first sit down they give really good bread that tastes homemade.  The bread tasted warm, a little sweet, and a little bit like a corn muffin.  When you cut the bread it looked golden brown and smelled so good.  Usually I don’t like to eat the bread, but when I ate this bread it was so good I had to hold out until I got my dinnner or I might have eaten the entire loaf.  They also give you these little sandwiches with spinich that didn’t tast good to me.  It tasted like warm spoiled lettuce.  When it was time to order I got the Marietta breakfast special.  It came with two pieces of bacon, two eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, toast, and pancakes.  The pancakes tasted fluffly and soft.  The outer area was a little crunchy.  You can put butter and syrup on the pancakes.  The eggs that I got were sunny side up, and I didn’t eat all of them.  But, I did eat the outer area ( whites ), and they tasted really good and yummy.  The bacon was crunchy and had a lot of flaver in it.  But, my favorite part of the whole meal was the sausage.  The sausage had a lot of flaver in it, but it was a little bit spicy and still tasted great.  I was so full that I didn’t even tast my hashbrowns; they still looked and smelled good.  They had a nice golden color to them.  They were cut like the thick not the skinny, thin hashbrowns.  We also decided to get dessert. The meal was around $7.60 for that big of a meal.  For desert I got the plain cheesecake,  my brother got peanutbutter and Reese’s cake, my sister got cherry cake, and we also got a cotton candy cake.  My cake was really good; it was really fluffy and yummy.  My sister’s cake though was horrid!  It tasted nasty and soggy, so don’t get the cherry cakes.  The atmosphere of the place was a little crazy.   There are two dining halls, and they both were loud, but the food was good anyways.  The place is also really busy and packed so if you do go, you want to go early to make sure you have a table available for you.  If you decide to go the Marietta Diner, it has good food at resonable prices available for you to eat.   So, I hope you are near there and go try it out sometime soon.

Barnett — 8

I thought the Marietta Diner was good.   I thought the pancakes were good with the butter and syrup. I had the children’s 3 pancakes with bacon. It was really good.  The pancakes were great my favorite.  They were served nice and hot.  I tried my mom’s soup and it tasted good.  I had not had motza ball soup before.  The ball tastes like a big ball of bread in a chicken soup.  The cake I ordered was the red delicious cake.  I ordered it because it had a cherry on top, and I LOVE cherries.  My dad ordered the cotton candy  and it was great.  But, my least favorite cake was the red delicious.  The cake tasted soggy in the middle.  We ordered disco fries as an appetizer.  They are fries with gravy and cheese.  Yum!  They were good.  It was clean, but very busy and very noisy.  The waiters were really working hard to serve everyone quickly and get more people in.


The Marietta Diner was a really good place to eat.  I ordered the 3 pancakes and a side of bacon for my main meal, even though there were a lot of choices.  Also for a appetizer we got the disco fries which were fries with gravy and cheese.  I thought the disco fries were really good — so if you go, get them. My pancakes where also very good, and they were definitely homemade.  The baconwas very good and crispy.  I ordered off of the kids menu and my serving was huge.  My mom got the motza ball soup and gave it to my sister,.  I took a bite and it was very good; I had never had it before.  The best part about our meal was the desserts: my brother got the cheesecake (very very good), I got the peanut butter cup cake (my favorite), my dad got the cotten candy cake (I didn’t try that, but they said it was good), and my sister got the red delicious cake (it was disgusting)!  The atmosphere was really cool.  It was much bigger than we thought it would be.  The waiters get your food to you really quickly.  Try to get there about five o’clock, or you will be waiting a long time.

Mrs. Wick’s Pies/Restaurant — Winchester, Indiana

John (12), Hadley (10), and Barnett (7) —

At Mrs. Wick’s you will have some of the best pie you have ever tasted.  We have been there before to eat, but this time we just order pie – and lots of it!  Here is a list of what we ordered and thought about each piece:

Cherry Berry — It has two crusts, one on top and one on bottom.  Cherry Berry has cherries and red raspberries in it.  It is VERY tart.  The raspberries have seed, but the cherries don’t.  You can really taste the fruit.

Peanut Butter — Delicious!  It has whipped cream on top of a cream pie.  It also has nuts on top of the whipped cream.  The flavor is really rich.  Be sure to get there before it runs out.  It is very popular and when it is gone for the day – too bad.

Chocolate — It has whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top of a cream pie.  The flavor is very rich.  It has a lot of chocolatey flavor.  YUM!

Coconut — The pie has a meringue topping and toasted coconut on it.  It is a cream pie with lots of coconut in the pudding center.  The coconut tastes sweet, the pudding itself is plain.  It is chewy from all of the coconut inside.

Apple Walnut — It has a double crust – on top and bottom.  There are big chunks of apple with cinnamon in it.  There are only a few walnuts – so don’t be afraid to try it even if you don’t like nuts.  It is gooey between the apples and very sweet.  It would be great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Lemon — It has a meringue on the top.  It tastes like a Lemon Head candy.  It is more sweet than you would expect it to be.  The level of tart is just the right amount; it is not as sour as the Cherry Berry pie!

Banana — Oh, my!  It is good!  It has a meringue topping.  There are big chunks of banana and banana pudding in it.  It is sweet and smooth.

Pecan — The top has a layer of pecans forming a hard (yummy) crust.  It has a caramel goo in the middle.  It is very sweet and could use whipped cream or ice cream to be number one.

Sugar Cream — This is the official state pie of Indiana!  It is smooth and creamy.  The burnt sugar flavor is richer than in the other cream pies.  It has a flavor of creme brulee.  It is one of everyone’s favorites.  You can buy an entire sugar cream pie to take home for just $5.00!

Peach — This pie just didn’t work for any of us.  It has a double crust and large slices of peaches.  It needs whipped cream or ice cream on it.  The goo inside was too sticky without much flavor.

Pineapple — Don’t knock it until you try it.  It has a whipped cream on top.  Inside is a vanilla pudding/cream center with chunks of crushed pineapple.  It is a pie that would be really good on a hot summer day.

Favorites:  peanut butter, banana, chocolate, apple/walnut, pecan, and sugar cream.

Least favorites:  peach and pineapple.

We suggest you get a big glass of cold milk to drink with your pie.  Our waitress Kim was super!  She never questioned why three kids got to eat 11 pieces of pie in one sitting.  She always gave us some interesting background and information on each pie.  You can buy Mrs. Wick’s pies at the grocery if you can’t make it to Winchester, Indiana.  It is a fun stop on a road trip across Indiana.



Our choices to taste

Mix Peanut Butter and Chocolate-YUM!