Square Donuts — Richmond, Indiana

Hadley — 10

Across the road from Clara’s Pizza King is a place called Square Donuts.  I personally think it is a funny name, but once you walk inside there are actually square shaped donuts.  The donuts taste the same as regular donuts.  They are good.  They have a great glaze on them.  It has a lot of sugar in it.  Not all of the donuts have holes in them.  The jelly filled donuts do not have holes.  They also have long rectangular donuts that do not have holes.  We bought 6 donuts for $3.90.  There is a special price if you buy a full dozen.  If I were you, I would go there because of the funny name and donuts.

Barnett — 7

At Square Donuts the donuts are really square.  It is kinda just across the street from Clara’s Pizza King.  We got donuts for breakfast.  They taste good because I like almost every kind of donut.  We got plain glazed donuts.  They were soft and squishy inside.  The outside tasted like sugar.  You could split a donut with someone and still have enought.  They are pretty big donuts.  Next time I want to try donut holes.

Outside of Square Donuts

Popeyes Louisana Kitchen

John — Age 12                                              

Popeye’s sells one of the best fried chickens.  You can pick between spicy and mild seasonings.  I usually get the mild fried chicken wings.  One of my favorite sides is the red beans and rice.  The beans are mashed instead of whole and make a gravy over the rice.  My second favorite side is mashed potatoes.  I really love the cajun spicy gravy.  The sweet tea is one of the best teas I have ever had (except for Teavana, but that is for another day!).  The employees are always nice and never rude.  There is not a Popeye’s in our area, so when we travel we are always sure to look for one.  Four Stars!

South Bend, Indiana