Hot Pot and Dumplings, Provo, Utah

Hadley- 13

Hot Pot in Provo, Utah, is a great place to eat if you’re into Chinese food.  When you first get there, they will seat you at a table and ask what kinds of soup you want to cook your food in.  We chose the miso soup and a medium spicy soup.  Once they got our soup, they brought out peanut sauce and chili sauce.  Then we were allowed to got to the buffet and get whatever meat and vegetables we wanted.  Since we were first timers, the waiter helped us in using the hot pot.  He showed us how to mix the chili and the peanut sauce to make this amazing dip.  My favorite thing was the beef.  It was thinly cut and took just seconds to cook.  We also added squash, bean sprouts, mushrooms, pork, chicken, and more.  At the buffet you can get rice, and I recommend putting whatever meats and vegetables in your rice, add a little peanut sauce and a little chili, because it can get spicy. Once you have added all that stuff to your bowl, it is amazing.  I would also recommend miso to the people who don’t like spicy food.  For desert you can get a Popsicle or ice cream.  If you are ever in Provo, Utah, and want to eat at a Chinese restaurant, Hot Pot is definitely the place to go.


The Hot Pot in Provo, Utah, is a great place to eat Chinese food.  First of all, when you go there, they will seat you at a table with a little  stove/griddle.  Then they will ask you what all of your favorite meats are.  They then take you over to a meat and vegetable bar.  You pick out your favorites and you go back to your table.  We picked the miso soup and a medium spicy soup; that’s also when they got us a peanut and chili sauce.  We put our meat in the soup and as it cooked, the meats soaked up the spices.  Another thing you need to know is that if you waste food, you have to pay extra.  Plus you can get more than one plate at the meat buffet.  They also had squash, mushrooms, and bean sprouts, too. Then, after you are done they have a mini freezer and inside they have Popsicles, ice cream, or ice cream sandwiches.  If you ever are in Provo, Utah, I recommend going to the Hot Pot.  It is a great place for Chinese food.

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