Crazy Horse Memorial, SD

John- 15

A short way from Mount Rushmore sits a monument that not that many people know about.  The Crazy Horse Memorial is a memorial for Native Americans.  The monument isn’t what you are really going to see, since the monument isn’t anywhere close to being completed.  The main place to go there is the visitors’ center. At the visitors’ center there is a lot of information on Native Americans and how they lived their lives.  Inside the visitors’ center there is a movie theater or projector room that gives a small clip on the Crazy Horse Memorial.  There is also a food area, a gift store, and a jewelry area.  The price for one car is going to be around 28 dollars or by person it will cost 11 dollars.  I would recommend going through and looking at the different artifacts.  But, although they say the main thing there is the Crazy Horse Monument the real big thing to me was actually the different artifacts.  The whole monument was started shortly after Mount Rushmore and is still not complete.  They are needing to raise around 4o million dollars to finish the whole project and it is going to take a long time to complete.  I would recommend going if you are near the area, but don’t be disappointed if you do go and realize that it is not finished.

Hadley- 13

Just down the road from Mount Rushmore is the Crazy Horse Memorial.  This is very different from Mount Rushmore though because it isn’t complete.  To go there, you really aren’t looking at the big statue.  You can go in the visitor center and watch a movie.  We didn’t watch the movie, but we did walk through the huge visitor center.  They have a huge collection of Native American memorabilia.  This memorabilia is definitely worth seeing. The cost to get in, in my opinion is kind of outrageous though.  For a full car it was $28 and by per person it was $11.  This does though include the movie, so you don’t have to worry about paying for the movie.  You can also pay to ride a van to the top and get up and close the face of Crazy Horse.  This is the one portion of the carving that is done. The cost for that is not as cheap as you think  – we did not do this either.    It would have been about $500 for my family to do that.  So if you want to go up, you really need to bring your money. If you are ever near Crazy Horse Memorial, I would definitely recommend going.


Just down the ways from Mount Rushmore is the Crazy Horse Memorial. This is way different from Mount Rushmore, because Mount Rushmore is finished and this isn’t finished. You can get in the Crazy Horse Memorial for $28 which I think is too much, because Mount Rushmore is half that price and is finished.  When you get into the park, you can go to the visitors’ center and watch a movie about the Crazy Horse Memorial.  After that you can look at all the old time Indian stuff like their shoes, their paintings, and their clothes.  If you want to go to the very top of the monument to see the face of the Native American in person, though, it takes $500 out of your pocket.  My family didn’t do it, because we didn’t need to go up there, and we were fine looking up there from the ground.  It was good to go there once, but I wouldn’t go there again.  I think you should go there just to experience it if you are in the area.

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