Lulu’s cafe and bakery — San Antonio, Texas

Lulus’s cafe is a really fun place to eat for any time of the day. They are open 24/7. The best things to get there is either the chicken fried steak or the cinnamon roll. We went to eat there for breakfast. My brother and I had the chicken fried steak, it was a big piece of chicken that is deep fried and covered with gravy. Although other places say they have the best in texas Lulu’s actually has the best in all of texas! The chicken fried steak tastes like a really good, crispy piece of flat chicken nugget with a lot of good tasting gravy. The second best thing they have to eat there is the three pound cinnamon roll. It has a lot of good homemade cinnamon flavor and was really good and tasty. I could only eat about 1/16 of the cinnamon roll – which tells you how big it is! It was really fresh and really good. Lulu’s cafe is a fun family place to eat. You have all types of society there eating – families, couples, old people, young people, people dressed up for work, and casual people. The prices are a good price, and if you do get the cinnamon roll – expect to take home extras.

Lulu’s is a really fun place to eat! They have a 3 pound cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll is fun to eat, because it is so big. It is as big a round as a plate and is about eight inches tall. The chicken fried steak is the best though because it is really crispy. The chicken fried steak is really popular because it has even been on t.v. It is even served for breakfast. The cinnamon roll you can see baked if you go to Dinners, Drive ins and Dives on Youtube. The cinnamon roll is really hot and has a lot of icing all over it. We have 5 people in our family, and we did not even eat all of the cinnamon roll. The Alamo is located really close to Lulu’s, so you can eat breakfast there and then go to the Alamo. Lulu’s is a fun place to eat, but if you go get the chicken fried steak and the cinnamon roll.

Barnett – 8
I love Lulu’s cafe. When you pull up there is a drawing of a huge cartoon woman on the wind – she must be Lulu. It is not a fancy looking place. It is a medium sized restaurant that is not fancy inside. The morning we went there was only one waitress – she was working hard! Then, a few more waitresses came to work. We ordered our drinks and a giant cinnamon roll. The rolls are really big, soft, and fluffy. They are good! The icing and the cinnamon make them good. We also ordered regular breakfast stuff. It was OK. I would go again to Lulu’s, because I love the cinnamon rolls! You should go to Lulu’s Cafe and try their great cinnamon rolls. That is what they are famous for making!

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