Reno Rodeo


Reno Rodeo is a ten-day event.  The rodeo is in Reno, Nevada.  It is the biggest rodeo in the West.  The rodeo impacts the hotels around it by making them $42 million dollars a year.  It is the fourth richest rodeo in the world.  There are over 140,000 fans that attend the rodeo.  They have also donated 5.1 million dollars each year to the company of Kids Kampus Activity Center.  They also put $400,000 back into the community.  The rodeo is one of the my favorite things to do in Reno.  The rodeo is from June 19-28 for next year and the prices range from $1.00 to $25.00.  It runs from 6:00 to 10:00PM each night.  There are many different things they do each night – like the night we went, it was all bull riding night.  I recommend getting there really early; if you don’t, you may be waiting a while.  If you don’t like rodeos  then you could go to the carnival they have there too.  Going through the shops they had at the rodeo was fun.  I got to look at many different things that you would find back a long time ago in the west.  They also had new things that looked like they came from this generation.  My favorite part of the whole rodeo is the bull riders.  They had a giant stop watch/clock and when they let the bull lose it starts. It stopped when the rider fell off.  At the begin of the rodeo there are 50 girls that come out; they are called flag girls.  They’re girls that won the rodeo beauty pageant.  They ride around in a circle around the arena.  At half-time they have something cool to show.  They also have rodeo clowns -three of them.  Two are like real rodeo clowns and the other one messes around and makes people laugh.  They also give away door prizes to the people who are sitting in this area.  It is fun for the whole family to watch and to see.


The Reno Rodeo is 7 days long and is one of the biggest in the world.  When we went we did not ride any of the  carnival rides, but they have roller coasters and a bunch of other games.  The rodeo has a bunch of gift shops too.  You can buy t-shirts, belt buckles, saddles and a lot more. The thing we came to see though is the bull riding.  We did not see anyone get hurt really bad, but some people did get a bloody nose.  One of the rodeo clowns got a little bit injured.  (The rodeo clowns are when the bull rider gets knocked off the bull, and the rodeo clown comes in and distracts the bull to get him to go into the pin.) The bull sometimes sits down and doesn’t want to stand up, so they send a dog in to bite its tail.  That is why we went to the Reno Rodeo.



We went to the Reno Rodeo.  They said that last year someone died riding a bull.  One guy had broken his neck and back last year.  No one got hurt this year.  I liked watching them ride the bulls.  It was funny to watch the rodeo clowns and the dog chase the bulls into the pin.  One time the dog had to bite the bull on the buttocks!  The announcer kept saying – it is biting him on the buttocks!  It bit the bulls tail too.  Before the rodeo begins, the flag girls come out with 50 flags.  At the end of the girls is the Queen and the American flag.  We all sang the national anthem.  After the rodeo we went over to the shops.  I got a new shirt.  It says “Cowgirl Love.”  It is pink and orange.  There are sparkles on it.  You should go to the Reno Rodeo.  It is really good for a show.

8 Seconds

Bull Riding

Reno Rodeo Arena

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