Levi Coffin House — Fountain City, Indiana

John -12

Levi Coffin’s house is an awesome place to visit. It was part of the underground railroad. My favorite part of the house was the kitchen. The kitchen was in the basement. They had and indoor well. Levi built his house over a spring, and when he found out – he made a well there. The well would fill up after someone got a drink or took water out of it. The well would also move with drout and floods. The well is still crystal clear, so clear that it looks like there is no water in it. The kitchen was built right underneath the deck. Then, my second favorite thing was the upstairs bedroom. They hid the slaves there in a little door area that led into an attic crawl space. They also hid the slaves in their main attic. They had to hide 17 slaves in one night. The Levi Coffin house also has a shed outside in the back. It shows what the slaves would ride in and what the family would ride in.

I think that it is a good idea to go to the Levi Coffin House.  It is worth the money.  It cost $1.00 for kids, $2.00 for adults, and if you reserve it is $1.00 for every one. The hours are from 1pm-4pm from Tuesday to Saturday.  It is only open to the public from June 1-August 31.  From September 1-October 31 it is only open on Saturdays.  It is closed during the winter.


Have you ever heard of the Underground Railroad? Well, the Levi Coffin house was a part of it. The Underground Railroad is where the slaves try to get away from their owners. The slaves tried to get away because their owners would beat them and yell at them. So growing up in South Carolina, Levi Coffin saw a bunch of slaves tied together to be sold.  When he grew up he decided to do somthing about it.  Levi Coffin has helped over 2,000 slaves ecscape to freedom.  The next time your in Foutain City you should go to the Levi Coffin house; it is definitly worth your money.

Basement Well

Wagon with Hidden Compartment

Front Parlor

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